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Why Continuum Consulting?

We work with local small businesses to national corporations. Our staffing agency specializes in finding professionals employment in a variety of office positions.

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Need reliable staff?

The hiring process is time consuming and requires hours of important legwork. More than likely, your company has a lot of other moving parts and can’t spend the amount of time and effort it takes to hire the right professional. That’s where we come in!

Continuum Consulting is a staffing agency located in Tempe, AZ that specializes in hiring professionals for many different companies, ranging in size. Looking to fill an office position such as accounting, administrator, information technology or marketing? We can help! We take your unique needs into consideration when finding you the right employee. Let us do all of the hard work for you. We have you covered from background checks, to interviews and hiring paperwork. At our staffing agency, we make the hiring process easier on your company. Trust us to find your business the right employee!

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It can be exhausting trying to find a company to work for that won’t take advantage of your talent. Since we are experienced staffing professionals, we offer guidance throughout the job search process. As a staffing agency in close proximity to the ASU campus, we work with many businesses looking for recent graduates with a specific skill set. We know exactly what to do to help you land the right job. From resume review to finessing your interviewing skills, we will put our professional knowledge to work for you.

Continuum Consulting works with companies nationwide, even though our staffing agency is located in Tempe, AZ. No matter your location, we are your partners throughout the entire hiring process. With our knowledge of several industries and overall job market, your job search can begin and end with us!

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What Makes Us Different from Other Staffing Agencies?

Continuum Consulting was originally founded as an IT consulting business and has now expanded to cover a variety of office positions. With a combined 60+ years of experience in the recruiting and staffing business, we understand the importance of partnering qualified employees with the right employers. We have staffing experts in the office fields of accounting, marketing, IT and administration that are ready to assist you.

Continuum Consulting will save your company time and money. We pride ourselves in the quality of companies and employees we partner with nationwide. Our greatest love is to work with and support locally owned businesses here in Tempe, AZ. Trust the experts when you are looking for your next job or if you are looking to hire an office professional.

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