Are you seeking employment in the warehouse industry? The warehouse industry is a thriving environment that employs millions of workers across America. Warehouse workers typically provide the backbone for labor in distribution and logistics supply lines. Are you new to the labor force and interested in a steady career in the warehouse industry, but don’t know how much money you should be making? Or, are you an experienced warehouse worker wondering whether or not you’re making the amount of money you should be earning? Below, you will find the latest data on the average salary for warehouse workers in Phoenix and other surrounding metropolitan areas.


Average Salary for Warehouse Workers in Phoenix

City:Entry Level Annual Salary:Average Annual Salary:Highly Experienced Annual Salary:
Sierra Vista$17,593$20,660$23,576
Sun City$22,695$26,652$30,414

The average salary for warehouse workers in Phoenix, Arizona for the year 2016. Data provided by


What Can Help Give You an Edge?

In most cases, warehouse work does not require any previous experience to help land a job. However, there are certifications available that can help give you a leg up on the competition! Relative certifications for the warehouse industry may include a Certification in Warehouse Management (CWM), a Forklift certification, or an OSHA Health and Safety certification. In some cases, being able to acquire such certifications may improve your chances of obtaining a higher salary level.

Have a good Cover Letter

Typically, many job seekers today wonder if cover letters are actually needed to apply for a new job. You may ask yourself – does one really need a cover letter if they’re applying for a warehouse position? The answer to that: It certainly does not hurt to have one! If you need help on how to format your cover letter, refer to a previous blog.

Follow up with a great resume

In addition to having an eye-catching cover letter, having an updated resume that highlights your warehouse skills can greatly improve your chances at landing a job interview. If you need tips on what to do if your resume is in a rut, refer to a previous blog by clicking here. If you don’t have a resume, you can use a template by visiting!

First Impressions Matter; so nail the job interview

Finally, interviews can be an intimidating endeavor. We at Continuum Staffing understand that being evaluated on your eligibility for a warehouse job is not a comfortable experience. Believe us when we say that we have been in your shoes, and fear not, we can help you with some interview tips in a previous blog.

Warehouse Staffing

How can Continuum Staffing Help?

Knowing the average salary for warehouse workers in Phoenix can help you with knowledge about the job market for the warehouse industry in Phoenix. However, Continuum Staffing can help even further by finding the right warehouse career that best suits your needs. With collective experience surpassing 60 years in professional staffing services in Phoenix Arizona, we know how to place qualified candidates with the right companies. Take a look at our job board, or contact us to start your future career today!

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