Do you know how to work with a recruiting company to your best advantage? You have certain expectations from your next career move, just as we have certain expectations of you as you work with us. Here’s a checklist of items you should have in order before starting the recruiting process with us.


  • Resume — These days, lots of companies scan resumes looking for keywords and phrases. We use some of the same technology, but we also read every resume word for word. We recommend that you do your homework and put together a good. Keep in mind that we do offer those services, so we can help you polish your resume to make you more marketable. We will pass these resumes on to the companies we work with, so a solid resume is a must.
  • Social Media — Companies are more and more turning to social media to learn about potential candidates. So comb through all your social media and get rid of EVERYTHING that a potential employee might find offense. We’ve heard of candidates who were disqualified because an employer found photos of them smoking pot on their social media. DUH!
  • Location, Location, Location — Depending on your level of expertise in your field, you may need to consider relocation. Think hard about your willingness to relocate or not relocate before your contact us.
  • Salary, Benefits and Expectations — Do your homework and know what the salary range is for your skills and talents. Figure out what benefits you absolutely must have and what benefits would be nice.  Manage your expectations so you won’t ask for more than a potential company is willing to give.
  • References — Gather your references, both for past employers and for personal references. Make those companies and people aware that you are job hunting and ask that they be prepared for a phone call from us. Please be aware that after several failed attempts on our part to contact your references, we will ask you to step in and have them contact us.
  • Polish Interview Skills — Think about how you would answer interviewer questions — both the easy ones and the tough ones. If you are a shy speaker, practice those answers in front of a mirror so you can see yourself as you speak. It will help you get rid of irritating habits like tugging at your clothing, awkward hand movements or facial expressions and more. We also offer help with interviewing skills so you won’t be alone in the process. The more articulate you are, the more likely an employer will look upon your favorably.
  • Be Honest — Honesty is always the best policy. Tell us why you are seeking new opportunities, if there are any problems with your current employee, as well as your true skills and previous experiences. If you’ve misrepresented yourself and we discover the falsehood, our relationship will be terminated. Treat us with respect and we will offer you’re the same courtesy.
  • Communicate – We expect you to be proactive and contact us if something has changed in your situation.

Contact us today at 480-855-1027 or upload your resume to the right and let us start finding the right job opportunity for you.