Are you an employer trying to find warehouse workers in your area? It’s a widely accepted understanding that trying to find warehouse workers in your area can often be a problematic experience. High amounts of strenuous labor combined with low wages can often times lead to high turnover rates – leading to wasted time and effort in recruiting. To help with your hunt, we would like to provide you with some tips on how to find warehouse workers in your area, and keep them for the long haul. These tips are a small collection of methods that we here at Continuum Consulting have used in the past, and we are happy to share them with you.


Post an add on several job boards

One way to find warehouse workers is to check out the local job boards.

The most popular job boards out there are swarming with candidates. Craigslist, for example, is great for finding high volume traffic at a great price per job post. The problem with Craigslist is that there are a lot of other competitive employers posting similar jobs, and candidates can pick and choose at their own discretion. Expect to fill your appointment book with loads of qualified candidates. However, at the same time, expect a lot of no-shows, and cancellations.

Another great job board is Monster. Unlike craigslist, the candidate traffic for Monster is not as high as other competitor boards. However, the candidates on Monster are typically more experienced and better qualified than many of the candidates on craigslist. Unlike Craigslist, however, employers should expect to pay a higher premium to use Monster.

Lastly, there is Like Craigslist, has extremely high candidate traffic. In fact, has the highest traffic volume compared to all the other job boards out there today. The website is also extremely user-friendly for both candidates and employers alike – only adding more to its popularity. They even have competitive pricing available. However, like craigslist, the board is full of other competitive employers posting similar jobs. The only way to make sure that your job postings achieve maximum results is by advertising your postings – which costs a pretty penny.



Check out resumes on the same job boards

Posting job ads are great, but you can cover even more ground on your quest to find warehouse workers by checking out resumes that the candidates themselves have posted. Every job board I have mentioned before have keyword search tools to help narrow the parameters of your search. Typing in phrases such as “experienced warehouse worker”, or “forklift certified” can filter the results shown. However, make sure to check the date of when these resumes were uploaded or updated. Some job boards have been known to have old resumes still in their databases for several years after they have been uploaded by the candidate. This may present a problem because you may end up code calling a bunch of candidates who already have a job they love and aren’t looking for new employment opportunities – Leading to a huge waste of time.

Host job fairs

Maybe the internet isn’t really your thing when it comes to hiring. Maybe you prefer a more face-to-face approach to recruiting and hiring. Luckily for you, hosting job fairs can be a great alternative to finding warehouse workers in your area!

Job fairs can be hosted in a variety of places such as convention centers, libraries, unemployment offices, and even at your own location of business. We here at Continuum Consulting, for example, have teamed up with ARIZONA@WORK and have hosted many job fairs for those in dire need of employment. Many great candidates have been found at these events and have been placed in long-term employment thanks to this partnership. Make sure you get in touch with any work development programs in your state! Maybe both of you can come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement.




How To Retain These Great Warehouse Workers

Finding great warehouse workers is one thing – keeping them is another issue that needs to be addressed. Often times, warehouses and distribution centers with high turn-over rates have internal problems such as poor safety procedures, and not having the proper tools to effectively get the job done. Other times, unforeseeable circumstances may arise and an employee who just started working in a new position suddenly needs to quit. Subsequently, hiring managers end up back at square one. To prevent that, here are a few tips we can share.

Make sure your warehouse is following OSHA safety guidelines

Sometimes, warehouses aren’t the safest places to work. Needless to say, it’s important for employers to stay on top of the most critical safety practices in the industry. Sometimes, Isles can be cluttered, dock doors can be open or exposed for extended periods of time, and environments can be hot or lacking sufficient ventilation. To check out our OSHA inspired safety checklist, click here. Workplace safety can play a vital role in keeping employee turnover rates low. Moreover, proper workplace safety can improve the relationship between your business and the community.

Use the proper tools to get the job done

Are your employees working harder than they should be? Using the proper tools for the job can make work easier and play a huge role in employee retention. For example, Pallet jacks can make moving heavy loads across large surface areas a breeze for anyone – regardless of their physical strength. However, with so many to choose from in the market, how will you know which type of pallet jack to get for your warehouse workers? In a previous blog, we weigh in on some of your options to help make the buying process a little easier.



How Can Continuum Consulting Help You Find Warehouse Workers?

We know how much time it takes, and how hard it can be to find warehouse workers. Most importantly, we know how crucial it is to retain great warehouse workers.

There are many problems associated with having a high turn-over rate – particularly in the realm of unemployment insurance. High turn-over rates can actually affect the DES(Department of Economic Security) tax rates for your business. You can read more about it in a previous blog here.

If you’re having difficulties trying to hunt down and keep workers, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

90-day Temp to Perm placement

Contrary to popular belief, there is a way to keep your employee turn-over rate low by partnering up with a staffing agency like us. Take advantage of our 90-day temp to perm services and test out the many qualified candidates in our pool. If you like the work they do, you can make them a member of your team! If it doesn’t work out, we can rapidly place another. This also gives our pool employees the opportunity to test you out as an employer. So show them how great you can be by giving an awesome first impression!

We handle all of the recruiting for you

Moreover, we know how long it can take to find a great team and hire them on. We also know how much of a burden it can be for hiring managers. We understand that some businesses don’t have the amount of time or resources to effectively hire a great staff. Thankfully, we’ve developed a process that takes the hassle out of hiring, and we can quickly place a qualified individual within your ranks. Trust us when we say that we have everything you need. Every time you need it.

We handle all of the payroll and HR needs for these employees for 90 days

Finally, if you take advantage of our services, you won’t have to worry about things such as workman’s compensation coverage or payroll for the duration of the 90 days. Just submit the time our employees have worked for you at your job site to us. We will handle the rest.

It’s not easy to find great and dependable warehouse workers. But, when you need rapid and hassle-free warehouse staffing options, count on Continuum Consulting. A staffing agency you can depend on.

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