Safety is important in any work environment. It’s even more important where there is heavy equipment operating and large loads being moved around such as a warehouse. Although the best source for safety information can be found at OSHA, there are plenty of other sources out there that can be used for great safety information as well. For example, Safety Memos is a great YouTube channel that provides generalized safety tips that are useful in a variety of work environments – including warehouse! In this blog, we would like to share some free safety videos that you could use in your warehouse from Safety Memos. Check them out and subscribe to their channel to improve the safety conditions of your workplace.

Free Safety Videos

Below, you can find a couple of free safety videos that can be used in a warehouse environment. Safety Memos makes great use of colorful animations to avoid the typical dullness found in traditional safety videos while at the same time delivering high-quality content.

Watch Out! Hazards!

In this video, Safety Memos talks about avoiding falls while carrying loads by increasing one’s awareness of their surroundings.

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Accidents: Six Causes

In this video, Safety Memos talks about six different causes for accidents in the workplace. This video is great for any work environment.

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Need Warehouse Employees That Are Safe?

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More Safety Information

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