Is Your Office Running as Efficiently as it Could Be?

Oftentimes, the American office is running on traditional workday practices that may be counterproductive to the needs of the company. Take some time to re-evaluate the practices your company has in place. Whether you are just starting a small business or looking to change your current office’s day-to-day, these tips can help increase employee happiness and overall productivity.

Consider Non-Traditional Hours

Does your office truly benefit from the typical 9-to-5? Some of your employees may work best earlier in the morning, while others may hit their stride in the early afternoon. Why should one set of hours work for all employees in the digital age? If you create more flexibility of daily office hours for your company, this could easily result in increased productivity.

If the 9-to-5 is necessary to your office’s workday, consider adding flexibility throughout the day. Several hours of intense work, especially sitting at a desk, causes energy levels and motivation to drop. Giving your workers the ability to run errands, go to the gym or pick up their kids will encourage them to do more while they are in the office. It will also allow them to take a much needed break from sitting at a desk for a long period of time.

Organization is the Essence of Efficiency

From your desk space to your computer files, is your workspace a never-ending black hole of unorganized chaos? Set aside time in your week to get organized! This is so important. A messy desk can produce a stressed and unorganized worker. Take the time to organize your emails, digital/printed documents and your desk space. You will have a more cleared mind when your surroundings are clear and organized and spend less time searching for what you need throughout the day.

Hiring the Right People

Every work environment is different and has a unique culture. It is important for prospective employees to understand this before they commit. Hiring a staffing agency like Continuum Consulting, ensures that the right people are being hired for the job. Continuum takes the time to fully understand the environment and demands of your business. Never underestimate the power of hiring the right people for the job!

Lunch Breaks

It seems like working through your lunch break has become more and more acceptable, if not an underlying requirement. Although, this may seem like you are getting more work done by getting that extra hour in, it is actually stunting the quality of work you are able to produce. Encouraging your employees to take their lunch breaks before 2pm will benefit their energy levels for the rest of the day. When your employees take the time to eat lunch on their lunch breaks, this recharges their brain for the rest of the day.

Continuum Consulting is your complete business resource and your partner for any staffing needs! We help ensure that you are hiring the right people and create less turnover. This saves your business time and money.