How Does HR Outsourcing Keep Your Organization Nimble?

As companies grow and change, the role of human resources is continuing to change as well to keep up with the people needs of those companies. The problem is that some company’s current human resource structure may be too rigid or ineffective at certain functions to keep pace with the changing marketplace. I believe that HR outsourcing may be a positive move to facilitate that change. In this blog, I will talk about how HR outsourcing can be a wise action and how it can help keep your company nimble.

Focusing On Strengths and Outsourcing Challenges

First, let me give you an example to clear things up a bit. The Acme Widget Company has introduced a new widget that will revolutionize the energy industry. The new widget is so great, orders for this new product eventually outpace production. At this point, the human resource executive teams’ focus should be a market scan for qualified talent, sourcing the machine operating positions needed to keep up with production, and then training those operators to produce high-quality widgets.

However, competition quickly enters the market. Then, they take business and employees away from The Acme Widget Company. Should the same human resources department change direction and develop a strategy for building a research and development team to outpace the competition? Absolutely!

By examining what that human resource team of this widget maker does better than other teams, one can determine the function they select for HR outsourcing. Is this team the best in class for people development and training? If the answer is yes, they should begin the search for the very best recruiting agency specializing in the energy industry — specifically engineers and scientists.

In previous posts, I have detailed the obstacles and frustrations of the job seeker when they are conducting a search for a new position. You can read more about that by clicking here. Unfortunately, a lot of companies have taken the human element out of human resources. I consider myself to be an advocate of using outside recruiting and staffing agencies for finding the individuals that are the most qualified, the most experienced, and the most talented to fill vacant positions.

Why am I such an advocate of outsourcing this HR function? Many companies internal sourcing and selection processes are not doing a great job of hiring and RETAINING exceptional employees effectively. Therefore, you should leave this to the experts.

Why Should You Outsource Your Recruiting?

HR outsourced staffing and recruiting agencies have the edge when it comes to placing the right person in the right job. First, they know the right questions to ask hiring managers when creating the job description and profile of skills the ideal candidate would need. They also have a pool of applicants that have been interviewed and vetted for skills, abilities, and experience.

Moreover, HR outsourced staffing and recruiting agencies also have data and speed on their side. The average hiring time has increased by ten days in the last four years. They already have a database of applicants for specific jobs, and these candidates have varying education, experience, skills abilities and competencies from which to choose. Speed is crucial in hiring. Good people have choices and will be offered multiple jobs. On the other hand, those who are – what some might consider being — average or problem employees stay in positions longer because they don’t have many choices available and stay in the job pool for extended periods because they also don’t have a track record of being able to contribute to the success of businesses as quickly as other high performers.

Why not leave your recruiting needs to the best of the best? The folks at Continuum Staffing have all the tools your company needs to be nimble and to provide you with the best fit for your warehouse worker, or other crucial position you may need to fill. Contact them today for a free consultation and start hiring faster and smarter.

What Other HR Outsourcing Solutions Are There?

Maybe you don’t need the recruiting and staffing expertise from Continuum Staffing right at this moment. Perhaps your business could benefit more by optimizing its purpose, people needs, or process. Impetus Solutions helps other businesses create a profitable enterprise by unlocking its incremental value. Impetus Solutions has both the knowledge and experience to provide businesses with a winning business growth plan. Employees behaving badly and impacting customer service or production? Is your company not reaching revenue and profit goals? Hiring great people, but they are not staying with you? Contact us today to discover how we can help!

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