Is your resume in a rut? We all know that your resume is key when it comes to finding a new job. It needs to stand out while conveying who you are and why you are the right candidate for the job. No pressure, right? Don’t let the idea of having the perfect resume stress you out. Here are a few proven tips and tricks to help improve your resume.

First Impressions are Everything. Improve Your Cover Letter!

We put so much effort into making the best first impression in an interview, but do you put the same effort into your cover letter? If not, you should! Start thinking of your cover letter as your first interview at a potential job. Use your cover letter to get their attention and peak their interest in learning more about you. This is the best way for them to know you a bit better before even looking at your resume. If they like what they read here, they move onto your resume and then extend the opportunity for an interview. Don’t miss this important step.

Every Job is Different, Your Resume Should Be Different Too.

You need to customize your resume for each job. What are they looking for that you offer? What skills and experience do you have that will stand out the most to them? What type of company culture do they have that you could add to? Ask yourself these questions and make sure the answers are clear in your resume.

Marketing Yourself!

You need to remember the marketing skills you have learned over the years and apply them to yourself! With a resume, you are trying to get the attention of people who are looking at several other candidates and they need a reason to look at you! Remember, less is more. Your resume needs to be clear and detailed but not too wordy. Your personality is a big factor in getting hired. Let them see that in your resume. Companies want to know how you will fit in with their culture.

It’s Who You Know That Matters!

Have you ever heard that saying? It’s especially true when it comes to getting your foot in the door with a new job. It’s hard to make connections at companies you want to work for. You don’t know the decision makers, so how do you get their attention and make it count? Leave that up to Continuum Consulting – we are your connection! We will help you find the perfect job and even prepare you for the overall search. Find a new job and improve your resume by giving us a call!

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