Job fairs can be an exciting experience for both employers and candidates alike. For candidates, a job fair provides a great opportunity to network and get face-to-face time with many employers at once. For employers, a job fair can be a great platform to meet many qualified professionals and network with other businesses. In this blog, we want to help candidates optimize their job fair experience by providing a few tips and tricks to achieve success.

In most cases, job fairs have a lot of foot traffic. So think of a job fair as a speed interviewing event. Like any interview, you want to keep the essentials in mind. Make sure you’re prepared, wear proper attire, and be ready to receive tough questions. In fact, if you need some tips for interviewing, refer to a previous blog.

Do Some Prep-work

Despite being exciting, job fairs can also be hectic events. A single job fair can have a variety of employers from different industries, and tons of candidates running around looking for their dream career just like you. That’s why it’s a good idea to do some prep-work before the job fair. This will help optimize the short amount of time you have at the fair.

Do Some Research

Before the day of the job fair, figure out what employers will be there, what industry they’re in, and what they’re hiring for. Try to pick out a couple of your favorite companies that you may want to apply to. This way, you can quickly seek them out on the job fair floor, and dedicate most of your time to them.

Also, try to research the company’s history. Knowing the employer’s history before initial contact will impress the recruiters and show that you are genuinely interested in joining the organization.

Gather Your Portfolio

Having physical examples that showcase your work can prove your worth immediately when speaking to recruiters on the job fair floor. Compile a binder full of resume copies, cover letter copies, recommendation letters, certifications and/or degrees, and examples of a work project.

If you need help with resume tips or cover letter tips, refer to our previous blogs!


A binder will allow you to present and sell yourself. If you don’t bring a portfolio, you will have to exchange contact information with the recruiters and showcase your work at a later date – which prolongs the hiring process, and may result in a missed opportunity. When it comes to a job search – there is no time like the present; so arm yourself with the tools necessary for success!


Dress to Impress

First impressions are crucial for success. A clean and professional appearance can make or break your chances for employment; so make sure that you look presentable. A presentable appearance can include a variety of things depending on the type of work you’re looking for. A button-up long sleeve that is tucked in and clean shoes are a great place to start, but should be considered the starting point. Dress appropriately for the type of position you’re hoping to land. The higher you aim, the more formal it should be.

What Not to Wear to a Job Fair

Monster suggests that you try to avoid wearing “overly casual” clothes such as t-shirts and shorts. This is a good rule to go by when seeking out employment opportunities at a job fair. Additionally, Mike Simpson from The Interview Guys also suggests that you avoid wearing anything that is “too revealing”.

You’re on a job search after all – not on vacation.

In addition to these great tips, we would also like to suggest that wearing anything that depicts – what some might consider – offensive logos would be a bad idea. Keeping your professional and personal life separate is always a smart move.

Be Ready for Questions

In most cases, when recruiters attend a job fair, they know exactly what they’re looking for. To optimize the amount of time you spend speaking to each recruiter, know what your strengths are, and how they will best be used in an organization. Try to sell what you have to offer, and persuade them that you can bring irreplaceable value to their team.

If it’s a match made in heaven, everything will fall into place naturally! And if it doesn’t, don’t worry. A single job fair can host a multitude of opportunities for job seekers with any background; so keep trying!

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