Have you just reentered the job market for the first time in several years? Maybe you’re a recent college graduate and don’t know where to start. The job market can be a competitive and stressful environment to be in – especially when you have been working for several years and are a little rusty when it comes to refining your resume and interviewing. There could be many reasons why you might be looking for a new job. Maybe work slowed down, and you were laid off. Maybe the job wasn’t really a good fit, and you decided that it would be best to quit. Or maybe you were terminated because of poor performance – but hey, at least it wasn’t from a lack of trying. Whatever the case may be, don’t worry! At the end of the day, you’ll be just fine. In this blog, we would like to help those who might be worried about finding new employment by providing a few job-hunting tips. These tips are no way intended to be a sure-fire method to landing a new job, however, it might be a little nudge to help you get on track.

Give Your Resume a Fresh New Look.

Find your resume, blow the dust that has collected on it, and start giving it a makeover. Update any new skills you’ve developed that you haven’t added since you last started working. Make sure that you know what keywords to add that will make you more marketable to employers. Some keywords can include tools or skills that you know are hard to come by in the job market. Also, be sure to include action verbs that will help your resume appear more professional to potential employers. To view a few examples of action verbs, click here.

Is your resume in need of a complete overhaul? Microsoft Word has a lot of great templates to choose from. This method can be a great time saver! Just grab a template, “plug ‘n chug” the information, and you’re all done! However, before you start making a resume made from a template, keep in mind that you may run the risk of making your resume look similar to another candidate’s resume – reducing the likelihood of standing out in a stack of applicants.

Please Don’t Make Your Resume Too Flashy.

Before you start adding all kinds of vibrant colors and accents behind text with the intention of making your resume pop out in a stack, please keep in mind that your resume will likely need to be scanned, emailed, photocopied, and uploaded into all kinds of databases. In most cases, colored documents will need to be changed to black and white, and contrasting colors behind headings or other text can completely black-out important information. This will require a lot of editing and tweaking on the employer’s side and is a huge hassle when dealing with several resumes for one job opening — so be mindful and considerate.

Is your resume in a rut? Check out some more job-hunting tips by clicking here.

Know How to Sell Yourself.

In addition to having a fresh resume, one of the most crucial job-hunting tips we can give you is that you should have an awesome cover letter that sells your skills and abilities. In your cover letter, talk about how your accomplishments have contributed to the success of the businesses you have worked for in the past. Also, talk about how you work with others in achieving goals. Provide examples and evidence that help your case. Prove to others why you are a quality hire. To view a cover letter example, click here.

Let the Hunting Begin!

Post your resume on popular job boards like Monster, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and others! Don’t forget to apply for jobs that you may be qualified for.

In addition to hunting for jobs by yourself, find and work with a local staffing agency! Staffing agencies can help you get access to hard to find positions that only they have exclusive hiring rights to. Moreover, staffing agencies can double your chances of landing the job that you want. They can also give more in-depth consultation and job-hunting tips!

Work with Continuum Staffing. We Take the Hassle Out of Hiring!

If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area, then consider working with Continuum Staffing Inc. We work closely with local businesses and talented candidates to help build long lasting valley-wide relationships. We have also worked with the Native American community and have earned the 2016 Non-Tribal Business of the Year award from American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Arizona! If you need more job-hunting tips, then feel free to contact us. Your dream career could be one phone call away!

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