There are many small businesses out there that could use a leg-up on their operations today. The small family-owned restaurant that could benefit from allowing customers to order delivery online; The e-commerce startup that makes few sales and could benefit from a showroom at a physical location. We have all seen them — and although you might not be planning on making any huge changes right now because of some constraints, we are here to tell you that your systems can be scaled with minimal investment thanks to a new synchronization of Square and WooCommerce. If you already have a brick and mortar that uses Square POS — or if you have an e-commerce site and you want to scale to include brick and mortar sales — this is a simple solution to help improve your business operations.

Square for WooCommerce version 1.0 released a short time ago. It’s a great extension for operations that already rely on either of the services. It allows businesses to use Square as a payment processor for their POS system and WooCommerce. It also allows product types, categories, and inventory to synchronize very well. This helps the combination limit point of contact with vendors which means its less confusing for support.

With this combination, you can use Square as a payment processor for all online and in-store transactions, track all online and in-store transactions on Square’s dashboard for easy analytics, synchronize product information between the two systems, and manage inventory counts easily in one place.

Since the extension is fairly new, however, there are a few drawbacks. There have been a few complaints from early users that synchronization does not work with variable products or simple products with custom attributes. This means products or services that rely on heavy customization for orders won’t work well with the default extension. This drawback will likely see fixes in later patches and updates of the extension. For now, there is a premium plugin available called WooSquare Pro to help mitigate those problems.

If you own a small family restaurant that delivers, you could further optimize this system by using GloriaFood’s online food ordering system. Free features include online ordering and table reservations. However, if you want the plugin to work with Square’s payment gateway, you’ll have to pay for premium versions.


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