Anyone Can Buy From You – Anywhere.

Look, we get it. Boutiques are great for window shopping if you are a consumer. But let’s be real — if you own a physical boutique, there could be better ways to see greater profits. An online store is one of them! Having an online store can expand your clientele from a local population to a global audience. It’s really a no-brainer! By moving your boutique online you can be in direct competition with popular brands like Forever 21 and Guess if you can market to your audience well.

Lower Product Costs By Cutting Out An Intermediary Third Party.

Are you a musician who wants to sell music on iTunes? Why not start your own online store that allows users to download your music directly without having to give a cut to a corporate big brother? You can!

Are you an aspiring artist who sells through places like Artfinder? By starting your own online store, not only can you sell your beautiful art, you can start a new artistic revolution!

Cutting out intermediary third parties by creating an online store allows you to have more freedom to set your own prices, manage your brand/content, and place an emphasis on putting your customers first.

Ceaseless Potential For Sales

Your physical store has to close sometimes. Your online store doesn’t! An online store can be open 24/7 as opposed to a physical boutique. An online store will continue to collect orders, send emails, and collect payments while you’re kicking back poolside.


How Can We Help?

Some platforms for building online stores aren’t created equal. There is also a lot of work surrounding sales tax reporting, credit card processing, and all around automation in general. Continuum Consulting can help you with that at an affordable rate. Get in touch with us by clicking here. Have you seen our online store demo? You can check that out by clicking here.


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