Warehouse Automation.

In the warehouse industry, optimizing labor efficiency can lead to an increase in productivity and profits. One way to improve efficiency can be to develop or invest in the latest in warehouse technologies. Understandably, when many hear the words warehouse automation, they think that this would translate to a loss of available jobs. However, there are many benefits to automating mundane tasks to save time. In reality, automation isn’t going anywhere and some would argue that it would be best to join the automation revolution. In this blog, we want to talk about the future technologies that everyone will begin to see transform the warehouse industry. From the latest in warehouse management systems to augmented reality – this blog will cover a lot.

Augmented Reality.

Surprisingly, augmented reality isn’t just for hot mobile games like Pokémon Go. It can also be used for warehouse automation! DHL is currently developing augmented reality software and wearables to improve warehouse processes. According to DHL, “wearables and augmented reality software improve picking process by 25 percent”. A test group was able to accomplish this by wearing technology such as Google Glass while using Ubimax’s xPick software. Because of this, workers are enabled to perform hands-free picking.  This eliminates the need for a handheld scanners and paper pick lists. According to the test group, the work was “Much easier and faster to operate”. Watch the clip below to see what it’s like.

DHL. “Vision Picking at DHL – Augmented Reality in Logistics.” Online video clip. YouTube. YouTube, Jan 26, 2015. Web. 10 November 2014.

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Warehouse management systems have been around for a few years. These systems are software applications that are intended to aid warehouse management and staff. These applications help by tracking accurate inventory levels and where specific skews are located in stockrooms. Complex warehouse management systems include advanced tracking and routing technologies such as RFID. However, with so many warehouse management systems out there, how should one know which application to become familiar with? To see reviews of the top warehouse management systems of 2016, click here.

Advanced Robotics for Warehouse Automation.

Amazon Robotics is on the cutting edge when it comes to fulfillment center and warehouse automation. This company is leading advancements in robotics, control software, language perception, machine learning, power management, depth sensing, computational vision, object recognition and more! To learn more about what Amazon Robotics is doing, click here.

Let Continuum Staffing Help Your Automated Warehouse.

How can Continuum Staffing help your automated warehouse? Regardless of all the robots and fancy software added to make things more efficient, nothing will replace the human element needed to operate it.

Continuum Staffing can help you recruit and place the most qualified candidates to run your warehouse automation. Contact us today to discover how!

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