Safety is an important factor in the warehouse industry. An unsafe warehouse can lead to huge consequences that include severe injury, or even death. Typically, injuries occur when forklifts run off docks, or products fall from high storage areas onto staff. It’s important to stay on top of even the most basic and general safety procedures in order to maintain a safe, and efficient work environment for staff members. To help simplify OSHA’s standards on warehousing, and to help answer any questions on the topic, here are some short general safety tips. Review this list with your coworkers or superiors, and take the initiative to audit your work area. During your inspection, report any potential problems to management.

Warehouse Safety Checklist

  1. Are any loading dock doors open or exposed for long periods of time? Make sure these areas are chained off or blocked to prevent any accidental falls.
  2. Are there any electrical cords, hoses, or miscellaneous clutter blocking any isles? Clear them up, and organize these areas to prevent any trips.
  3. Sometimes, warehouse work can be physically demanding. Is everyone getting enough rest breaks? High fatigue levels increase the risk of accident and injury.
  4. Is everyone aware of how to avoid heat stress in hot, humid environments? Alternatively, is everyone aware of how to work effectively in cold environments?
  5. Is the warehouse ventilated enough so that all staff members can work comfortably?
  6. Does the warehouse have any lockout or tagout procedures in place? Is the entire staff informed about these procedures? Occasional meetings with leadership can keep everyone informed.
  7. Are staff members using the proper lifting techniques? Be mindful of how things are lifted to avoid potential back injuries.

At the end of the day, workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility. Don’t develop poor work habits by cutting corners. Working effectively and quickly is great, but don’t push yourself to the point where it becomes dangerous.Warehouse Staffing Positions

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