Whether you are hiring a whole new staff for your warehouse or you need to fill a few temporary positions, there are several things you need to consider! It is important to make sure you are hiring the right people for the job. Consider the following candidate qualities before you begin the hiring process.


This is one of the most significant qualities you will need to find in your warehouse staff. Hiring employees who are punctual and value hard work is key to a successful working relationship! Finding these people requires asking the right interview questions. For instance, “Are you able to stand on your feet for hours a day and still be productive?” and “How do you communicate in a stressful situation?”. You also will need to run background tests once you find the right potential employees.


Oftentimes, warehouse staff are responsible for heavy lifting and working in dangerous environments. Finding candidates that can follow orders and adhere to safety rules and regulations is imperative. Be upfront with potential hirees about the safety requirements in the job description and interview process. Then, get a feel for who they are and if they will follow the safety procedures that are set in place.


Sometimes you require a temporary position for a few of your employees with the goal of hiring them to a more permanent position. When you are looking at potential hires it’s important to ask the right questions to see if their ultimate ambition is to become a part of your permanent staff. You will want to discover if this is something they are going to work hard at. Will your investment in training them pay off in the end when they potentially become a full time employee?

Now all of this sounds like a big undertaking, right? Listing the job opening, promoting it, sifting through the resumes, scheduling interviews and running the necessary background/drug tests takes valuable time! Give over this important leg work to Continuum Consulting. We will provide temporary labor that is contract to hire. If they are hired for 6 months and you like them, you have the ability to make them full time employees. This is all at no risk with background checks and drug screenings! If you don’t like who we hire for you, we will work with you to find a solution. Give us a call today 480-855-1027.